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Cardio Party?

Hi all -

Trying a new workout this week - The FIRM Cardio Party. It is a 40-minute workout with no equipment needed. I was an idiot and tried it after I had breakfast and got a cramp pretty quickly, I may try again this afternoon. AnyWAY the first 10 minutes kicked my butt, I'm not very coordinated and they change it up pretty quick. I'm hoping by the end of the week I won't be cussing them out nearly as much. From what I can tell though it will be fun...eventually. (link to pic)

For breakfast I had brown rice, chicken and egg - it was actually really good. I need to make it to the grocery store today so I not eat out all week. On Friday and Saturday I am working tech for a dance show (hanging lights and such) from about 8am to 10pm so I will try to still do my workouts so that the hanging light burning calories bit will be a bonus.

I have a music festival to go to in August so I am hoping to do some major FAT damage in the next couple months.

Happy FAT blasting you all,

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