How do you lose weight? How do you work towards the life you want?


(and a healthy sense of humor)


40 minutes achieved

Hi all -

My face is red and I'm dripping sweat, but I am smiling because I did make it through the full 40-minute DVD today, yay!



While I was out...

On my last post before on of my "breaks" I was granted an award from Genie . Thank you so much Genie!

Being the slacker blogger I am, I am going to only complete the first part of the rules (since I am so uber behind on reading blogs) I will nomiate folks soon.

Six outrageous lies and one outrageous truth:

1. I am married with 10 wonderful children.
2. I am Facebook friends with the Dalai Lama.
3. I strip on weekends for extra cash.
4. I own well over 500 books.
5. I have a degree in animal husbandry.
6. My favorite fruit is tomatoes.
7. I won the lottery and donated it all.

Reading crazy,

Cardio Party?

Hi all -

Trying a new workout this week - The FIRM Cardio Party. It is a 40-minute workout with no equipment needed. I was an idiot and tried it after I had breakfast and got a cramp pretty quickly, I may try again this afternoon. AnyWAY the first 10 minutes kicked my butt, I'm not very coordinated and they change it up pretty quick. I'm hoping by the end of the week I won't be cussing them out nearly as much. From what I can tell though it will be fun...eventually. (link to pic)

For breakfast I had brown rice, chicken and egg - it was actually really good. I need to make it to the grocery store today so I not eat out all week. On Friday and Saturday I am working tech for a dance show (hanging lights and such) from about 8am to 10pm so I will try to still do my workouts so that the hanging light burning calories bit will be a bonus.

I have a music festival to go to in August so I am hoping to do some major FAT damage in the next couple months.

Happy FAT blasting you all,


Still alive

Not sure how life gets away from me so quickly. I am maintaining the loss I have so far, but haven't been able to up the workouts I have been able to do.

My mom has moved back to my state, and was living with me for about a month before she got her own place and I have an ex-boyfriend who knocked on my door...still deciding what to do about that.

I am transferring schools so that is good, I feel like it is going to be a better path to where I want to be long-term. The big goal is to some day run my own theatre, so X your fingers!

I'm a horrible blogger and someday I hope to be a better one.

Good news, is that with mom in town I can buy bulk stuff at Costco since she has a card. My favorite find so far is frozen Edamame, it is so easy to heat up for a quick meal/snack.



Weigh In

I finally did a weigh in (which I haven't done in a couple months) - I've lost 4 lbs, which I really wasn't prepared for. I was sure I was back up to my starting weight and would've started over on my weight loss ticker and weigh in tracker. Since I have lost weight I am going to not start over. I'm happy, really happy I haven't gained.


Pack Rat

Today I tried an "alternative" to a 30 minute standard workout. One of my "getting my life in order" projects is to get my house to an organized place it hasn't been two in over two years. What makes this task difficult is that I am a pack rat - close to hoarder, but luckily I haven't crossed that threshold yet.

I am ashamed to admit that the pile of clothes at the bottom of my stairs (to sort, clean and donate) should belong to a family of 4 and not to one person. I have filled this house to brim with all sorts of things - but I will probably have to donate a few more weekends to clean out all the crap that seeped into the crevices of my home.

I made huge strides today. Which included walking around my house most of the day and picking up stuff, going up and down the stairs and lifting various and as-sundry things. I definitely feel the workout, my legs are a little shaky and a couple of times I caught myself sweating. So, I didn't do 30 minutes but of the cumulation of cleaning (and taking a few breaks) since 8am this morning probably adds up to as many (if not more) calories I would've burned during that workout.

Of course I still have a lot more to do, so I will probably continue this workout plan through the weekend. My dream is to diligently go through every cupboard, shelf, drawer and closet and get rid of everything that I don't want/need/desire.

What are your favorite "alternative" exercises?

Blog you later,


Surprised I still have followers and I missed you all!

I admit it, I have slacked, completely and totally. I have fallen, jumped, flown, ran and lurched off the wagon. I am ashamed...but not really.

Sometimes life takes a detour and you have to focus on something else, not by choice (well maybe the not excercising was a little by choice).

Do I have a story to tell? Not really. I have been focusing on getting my house and job back in order. After two years of constantly being on the go both had kind of fallen off track. It has been nice to take the time to rest and organize, but it is time to get back on plan.

This week's goals:
  • Start working out in the morning for 30 minutes everyday
  • Stock the house with good food and start planning the weekly food on Sundays
  • Start blogging again.
Simple enough, right? Anyways, really looking forward to catching up on the happenings of blogworld.


Day 9 - Something Witty

Have been racking my brain to think of something witty to say today...since I haven't said anything witty yet, I assume you have figured out that this has been a fruitless task for me.

Maybe I will just tell you something about myself...

7 Random Facts About Me:

1. I was accepted into Up With People right after high school. I was there for officially 2 days before feeling like I had not been told the truth of what my experience would be.

2. I have had more than 50 jobs in 15 years. One of my least favorite jobs? Snow shoveling.

3. I made my first move from California to Colorado when I was 3 weeks old.

4. I once drank three sailors under the table.

5. I name all my cars - so far there has been MacBeth (jinxed myself with that one, that car had a horrible death), Shrew Tempest and Rizzo.

6. I played the oboe in Jr High and High School.

7. One of my favorite songs is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen - I love to sing at the top of my lungs to it. Google the Muppet's version - it is super cute. (photo link)

Hope you have a wittier day!


Day 8 - Did I Say Every Day?

Ok, so I didn't blog yesterday - but I did make it to the grocery store, so that is good. I got some chicken,  eggs, fruits, nuts and veggies. Nothing fancy, just some fresh food to get me through the rest of the week. Luckily, there is a salad bar at work, so I don't have to worry about lunches. It is Day 8 of working out 30 minutes everyday and I am feeling great. I feel like I am getting closer to where I felt before getting sick. I forgot to weigh in last weekend and update my stats, so I will do that over this weekend.

Do you have someone in your life that drives you nuts? Pisses you off for no good (or sometimes good) reasons? Be it boss, friend, co-worker, family member? I have a couple that I work with that just piss me off. Why? They're mean. They say mean things, but can't handle it if you say mean things back. I am trying to get better about my reaction to their comments, but last night I had a major setback. They said something rude and I snapped back (with something like "bite me" - I know, how very mature of me). I don't want to be like that, and I especially don't want to still be pissed about it the next day. I am trying to let go - it will be healthier for my body to let these things go and not stress about them. It is something I would like to acheive in my journey to become more well-rounded. I am repeating to myself "only I control how I feel" to try and regain my sanity before I have to see said person again tonight.

I think it is working...maybe...maybe not so much. One person's advice was to only surround oneself with positive people and maybe I should cut this person out of my life. Which I have done with bad friendships in the past. However, if I cut this person out, then I am leaving a part-time job I love - but maybe that will open up another opportunity? I'm not sure.

How do you deal with rude people in your life?

Struggling to let it go,


Day 6 - Something Completely Different

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last post! I am going to work on not putting anything off just because of my weight.

February was no where close to a perfect month with working out (only 11 workout days) - but it is what it is. It's March now and I am excited. I think it is going to be a perfect month for working out. My goal this month is going to be to blog everyday (to keep myself on track) and workout everyday. I think I can do it!

This week is going to be rough, I didn't get my grocery shopping done yesterday so I am going to have to pick up healthy food where I can. I have work each day and also go to rehearsal three hours each night for a show I am working on that opens next week.

Anywho, back to work - talk to you tomorrow and have a wonderful day.