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Day 1 - My Lotion Is Making Me FAT

Hi all - Decided to start at "Day 1" again - I haven't hopped on the scale yet, but I think it will be better for my sanity just to start over with counts as I am fairly sure I have gained most (if not all weight) back during my illness. I will make my tracker updates this weekend.

(Photo Image) Anywho, as to the title of the newbie post? Well, at work today one of my co-workers informed me of the hcg diet she is on. From what I can tell, hcg is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy and regulates your metabolism. She is taking this and only eating 500 calories a day for 23 DAYS. You are supposed to lose anywhere from .5 to 3 lbs PER DAY. This seems a little insane to me - of course you are going to lose weight when you are basically starving yourself and won't you gain all the weight back when you start eating normally (even if healthy) again? What brought on this topic was she had this really odd looking bottle of some kind of lotion on her desk. Why does she have this odd bottle? Well, allegedly any lotions you use with oils seeps into you body as fat and you are not allowed to have any fatty oils until towards the end of the diet. So, by that logic, the oil from greasy fries on my fingers is also to blame for my FAT. I am sure I was looking at her like she was a little crazy, so I thought it was funny when I was telling her about my lifestyle change of working out everyday (back on plan today, YEA!), portion control, avoiding processed foods and blogging - she was looking at me like I was crazy.

As mentioned, I did workout for 30 minutes this morning and I actually feel like myself again today (Hi ME, I MISSED you!). Excited to be back in the game!

On my "crazy" journey,


  1. Wow! That's a theory.
    On the plus side, this gives me a really good reason not to change the oil in my car. I mean, I wouldn't want any of that oil to seep into my skin. (But why do those mechanics in the quick oil change places always look so lean?)

  2. Let me know if your co-worker is interested in a bridge I have to sell in Brooklyn.

    When do people learn that FAD Diets NEVER work.


  3. I thought I had heard them all, but that is a new one. LOL! I feel kind of bad that your co-worker is wasting her time and maybe putting herself at risk with this wacky plan.

  4. For all the diets I have been on.....Ive never been one for those "crazy weird" ones. Thank goodness. I think this one takes the cake (oohh cake! lol). Good for you getting back in the game!

  5. That does sound really crazy!

    Don't worry, sometimes starting over on day one is just the best thing to do!

  6. 500 calories a day? I think I would probably faint by the time I was driving home from work. Not good.

  7. All the Nurses are going crazy about this concept here, too.

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