How do you lose weight? How do you work towards the life you want?


(and a healthy sense of humor)


Day 30 - One month down

Greetings all - This is a photo of my wall calendar - for every day that I work out, I put 2 stickers to mark that day as complete. LOOK HOW PRETTY!!! Look how naked the 1st and 2nd look, so very, very sad :(

It is one small thing that makes me feel very good. It's so nice to proudly put two stickers on a day and mark the achievement. Hopefully next month I won't have any "naked" days.

One thing I have been thinking about is how to "reward" myself for goals being met and what would those goals be for me?

Would it be weight-driven? Measurement driven? Number of times working out driven? Number of days I have been eating right?

Also - what would those rewards be? In the midst of trying to lose weight I am also trying to control my spending a bit more, so I don't want extravagant rewards or food rewards. I think food rewards would be a slippery slope for me.  I don't feel a need at the moment to look forward to a reward other than the additional sticker on the calendar, but as the process will be long I do want to mark my achievements - whatever they may be...

What are your milestones? What are you choosing to reward yourself with?


  1. I think I need to reward myself with an awesome calendar & stickers! VERY cool!!!

    Whenever I've set actual rewards in the past I've gotten so impatient with myself that I've typically broken down & just gotten myself whatever it was anyway (a music download, dvd, stuff like that). My new thought, though, is to reward myself monetarily and then use the money for new clothes when the time comes. I haven't figured out the nitty-gritty details yet, but it's still a thought :)

  2. I am going to reward myself with a massage. You don't need to go to a fancy schmancy place. Sometimes the best and cheapest is related to an Asian market. Even if you get a 15 minute chair massage, that is just a nice treat. Happy Celebrating! Awesome Stickers!