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Richard Simmons Made Me Cry

During my prolonged illness, I have been watching a lot of crap TV. Today, I was lucky enough to catch the 100th episode of Dr. Oz and he was celebrating folks who had lost over 100 lbs. Some of these amazing folks shared some tips on how they lost the weight, here are some of their thoughts:
  • Losing weight is persistance + patience. We didn't gain the weight in two weeks and we won't lose it in two weeks.
  • Losing weight turned my fear into freedom.
  • When I'm hungry in between meals I set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes. When it dings I reevaluate if I am hungry, 9 times out of 10 - I'm not.
  • I drink the juice I crave out of the small bathroom paper cups, or I put that amount into my water.
  • If I am at a party or event I rate the food from 1 to 10. If it is a 10 then I have a little of it.
  • Get rid of your "fat" clothes when you shrink out of them.
  • If I have a treat, then I do an extra 10 minutes of physical activity.
  • I know my trigger foods and I have found healthy alternatives for them.
  • 15 calorie sugar free popsicles for my sweet fix.
  • Automate your life, create routines to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Richard Simmons was also a guest on the show, it really is amazing what he has been doing for the past 30 years. He has a huge heart and got weepy a few times when talking about his journey. He, of course, has been made fun of a lot for his antics, but at the end of the day he only wants to support people along their weight loss journey. Anywho, one of the things he said was just so sweet, "know that you are worth more than all the rainbows in the sky." I admit it, I am a total sap and cry and the drop of the hat, but I think it is really important that in order to be successful in this journey to lose weight and in life, it is imperative that we all know that we are important. If we don't value ourselves nobody else will.

Since we have all started on this journey we have decided that we are important. It is important that we live as healthy as we can so we can accomplish all the amazing things on our bucket lists.

Hopefully, I will soon be able to resume my workout schedule. I did some walking today, but it wore me out pretty quick. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Here is to being worth more than all the rainbows in the sky,


  1. I like the rate the food 1-10 idea. I never thought of it in that way, but I am always disappointed when my junk food lets me down taste wise and I blogged about that the other day. I'll try to apply the 10 rule, though I'll probably let a few 8 and 9s in!

  2. Just discovered your blog. I'll have a good read later. :o)

    Great tips! I was saying to another blogger that I hope this episode of Dr Oz makes it to YouTube as I've never heard of it, but it seems to be the topic of conversation today!

    Bye for now

    Patsy :o)

  3. I loved the tips. I hope it's okay if I "steal" them from you and post them to my blog. Of course, I'll give you and your blog the credit. Thanks for sharing!