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Woozy Wednesday

I'm still kind of a mess today, but I am definately getting better, so that is exciting.

On Day 30 I happily posted a picture of my calendar where I put two stickers for every day I worked out. I had hoped to have a perfect February, but that is not going to happen. I will still take a pic of February, it will be really good except for two weeks in the middle :) Maybe March will be perfect!

Anywho, I am running low on my sticker supplies so I went on the hunt a few weeks ago for a buttload of stickers and I found them at a this website. There was a lot of variety and I can't wait to start using them to give myself some sticker love!
It's hard to tell what they are from the photo, but basically there are bugs, smiley faces, sea creatures, snowmen, balloons, kids, stars, apples, dogs, cats, suns and ones that say things like "Top Notch." I know it is a silly thing, but it makes me feel really great to have a two sticker day!

Have a two sticker day,


  1. Good idea about the stickers. Oh, and I loved your Richard Simmons photo from yesterday. I actually laughed out loud!

  2. The first time around I lost all that weight (I started at 420lbs and ended up at 175lbs!) I used stickers for every lb lost. I ran out of stickers long before I stopped losing the weight! ;o) All I need now are 89 stickers and I'm home and dry!

  3. If it will help me get off this mini plateau, I will run around all day putting stickers on over everything I, elevators, people, vending machines, whatever.

  4. Maybe I need to trade stickers for tattoos... talk about a committment :-)


  5. Fun blog! I like stickers, too. Keep up the good work! I'll follow you!