How do you lose weight? How do you work towards the life you want?


(and a healthy sense of humor)


Day 2 - The Brutal Truth

In order to start on this arduous journey of weight loss, one of things I think that everyone has to face is The Brutal Truth about oneself. As least, at first, in terms of eating habits and workout routines. Just before I started this journey, I really had no workout routine. Zero. None. Zilch. I also ate a lot of fast food, my remedy for my constant excuse of “no time to cook.” There was a part of me that had to see this reality before taking the plunge to change my lifestyle. Have I regressed the past couple weeks while sick? Yes, but not completely and now I am even more determined to live a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain for my lifetime.

A side effect to this journey, is that you start to think about all the other areas of your life that need improvement as well. From things like “I need to stop biting my nails” to “What am I doing with my life?” Now let me say that I have always over-analyzed, stressed and worried about most everything in my life. I can’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t always want to dissect every minuscule details. So, it is normal for me to questions where I am going in life. However, now that I am taking on the body issues, I feel like I am also starting to shed some of my excuses for why I haven’t accomplished certain things in my life. FAT is a really great excuse to not try something new. Do I want to go to Europe? Of course – when I lose some weight, I don’t want to be the FAT American. Do I want to change my career? Why yes I do – but I don’t want to interview for a new job until I lose weight – no one will want to hire the FAT girl. Do I want to find a boyfriend? Ummm, yea, its been almost *cough* years since I’ve had one, but no one is seeing this body naked.

Those excuses will hopefully be no more within this year – am I ready to start living the life I have been telling myself that I want? Am I ready to deal with the emotional, spiritual and mental issues that I have avoided for so long? Will those issues be easier to deal with when I am living a healthy life? I would like to say YES to all three. (Photo Link)

Time to move forward,


  1. One thing I have totally learned is that I CANT put off living the life I want because of my weight! Dont put off making changes that you know will make you happy........go for it!

  2. I feel so sad that you feel your weight is holding you back... Being very overweight never prevented me from getting a boyfriend, btw.... None of whom (incluing my ex-husband) has ever seen me completely naked - sexy lingerie in the right size can hide (and enhance!) a multitude of sins! ;o)

  3. Your life starts today, not when you lose weight, get married, buy your first home, etc...You don't want to look back and regret not having tried something. You may be amazed that while you are living your life and enjoying some new activities, you weight loss efforts may begin to feel more like just a part of your life instead of the center of it.

    Best of luck!

  4. I certainly understand how you feel. I've found that "analyzing" is also an excuse for me to remain stuck.

    Kristina, Patsy, and Karen (above) sure make great points for all.

    Give it your best!

  5. Stop waiting. Sure, you will lose the weight, but don't wait to make those changes. My fat butt has flown around the world, changed jobs, gone on dates... the whole thing. Only you can make it happen. Don't limit yourself by putting these options in any particular order.