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Down, But NOT Out

Hi all - So this has been a crazy fun week - NOT :)

I've been sick and was admitted to a hospital on Tuesday. Just made it home after the 2 hour long discharge and 1 hour of waiting for my new prescriptions to be filled. The insurance company wouldn't pay for one of the prescription, because it was for the same antibiotic I got on Sunday. Mind you I threw out that first prescription because the Dr. wrote me a new one and we all know you have to finish a full round of antibiotics. But anyway the prescription was only $17.50 so F* the insurance company,  I paid for it my damn self - they don't own me!

There are a lot of things you think about while laying in a hospital bed (other than why daytime TV is so horrible). One of the things that I kept thinking about was that I am still fairly "healthy" for a fat person. I don't have any of the diseases or symptoms that WILL eventually come along with carrying the extra weight. The key word of course in that last sentence is WILL.

*Warning very personal info in the next paragraph*

On Sunday when I was in the most pain I've been in in a very long time. I kept thinking "What if this kills me? What if after I finally I make the decision to change my lifestyle a tooth infection kills me? Who does it really affect if I die?" When you're single with no kids that tends to cross your mind when faced with death. We are constantly reminded how important family is, and it is not that I don't think having kids and a husband would be great, but that just hasn't been my path in life yet. Now, of course, when I was in the hospital my mom, dad, brother, BFF, 3 bosses, a few friends and the teenagers that I work with let me know I am important to them, which means more than anything in the entire world. Even if just one person would be hurt by my leaving, isn't that enough? I think so, because if you were that one person, it would matter to you.

Anyway, I am not going to weigh in this week, I am going to take care of myself and listen to my body (I have the most genius ideas sometimes) and do what I can. When I am able to get my 30 minute workouts done again I will, until then all I can do is my best.

Sorry, if this is a little scattered, I am sure I will have more fluid thoughts in the days to come. Can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs tomorrow!


  1. I suppose I'll give you a pass for not posting on my blog lately! Just kidding, glad to hear your starting to feel better. If you ever have doubts about how many people's lives you've touched, watch the classic Jimmy Stewart movie "It's A Wonderful Life." I haven't seen it in years, but it always makes me think when I do.

  2. Rough week...sorry :(

    Lying in a hospital bed does give you a lot of time to think. It sounds like you were surrounded by sweet people who care very much for you.

    Hang in there..and feel better soon.

  3. Hey, take care of you! We will all still be here routing for you when you get back and feel a bit better!