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Day 19 - It's Supplementary My Dear Watson

"Take your vitamins" mother says. "Of course, everyday!" I say. But I lie. Do I feel better when I take my vitamins? Yes. So why not try to take them everyday.

When at the store over the weekend I finally stocked up on the vitamins that I like:
  • One-a-Day
  • OregaMax
  • Super Omega-3
I'm not an expert by any means, but I think from everything I have read you should take a daily vitamin and get Omega-3s. The OregaMax is new to me, but while my mom (thanks mom) was in town over the holidays she touted the benefits of oregano. I have been a sicky since I was a young kid. I got strep throat for years growing up and at least twice a year a get a horrific sinus or bronchial infection. Oregano is supposed to help boost immunity. The best way I have found to make sure I take vitamins on a regular basis is to keep a supply at work and at home. I have the pills sitting by my mousepad at work so at some point after lunch I see them and remember to take them. The weekends are more sporadic, but at least I get them 5x a week.


  1. I am horrible about taking vitamins! I know I need to, but...

    Also, I am single and have THREE cats. I don't know how it happened, but they are my babies. :D

  2. I just ran out of mine and need to make a run to the store. I had never heard that about Oregano, so Im going to do some research on it too. I do take a dose of Flaxseed and of Fish oil each day, plus my vitamin, thats about it though. No cats for me, Im allergic, but I do have 2 of the bestest, most lovable, spoiled rotten pit

  3. I never take vitamins. Never. Not because I don't believe in the benefits...but because I suck at remembering to take them and end up periodically throwing out almost full bottles that cost and arm and a leg. So I stopped buying them.

  4. Heather - to answer your question about the Bodybugg database; yes I think it is pretty user friendly. They have a large database of foods. At the beginning I did have to enter info on things I eat but once I input them it was pretty smooth after that. :-)

  5. I like my chewable vitamins. They're sweet and gummy and full of... let's see... dammit, they're just gummi bears. Nevermind...