How do you lose weight? How do you work towards the life you want?


(and a healthy sense of humor)


Day 15 - The weighting game

It is so inspirational to read other weightloss blog stories. Jack Sh*t, Getting Fit is a kick in the pants.

I didn't make it to the movies last night, instead I started review some of my movie files to find some stuff to use for my next assignment. If you want a really good motivation for losing weight, watch yourself on video. Sure there is that whole "the camera puts on 10 lbs." thing, but I know better. I have watched so many videos of my classmates that I know it is a fairly accurate picture. You can only delude yourself so much with:
  • The camera angle was different on my shoot.
  • They must have used a wide angle distortion lens.
  • My clothes were really baggy that day.
  • Well, stand anyone next to Skinny Chic and they would look fat too.
  • Bad lighting.
Morning workout went well. I think I am going to stick with My Fitness Coach this week.

I can't wait to reach my goal. It feels like it is a lifetime away, but I know it is going to make so many things different. I know that once I am more comfortable in my body I will be able to do things that I would never have the guts (or have too much gut) to try today. The video production and theatre industry is filled with fit people and a lot of the work I would like to do is physical. Let's face it, no one is going to want to hire the "fat" girl, no matter how good I am.

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